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for cargo ships that sail under the bay bridge. the u.s. coast guard just imposed a new rule that bans large vessels from sailing under the bridge in foggy conditions. the regulation only affects ships that head out to sea. it does not apply to vessels coming in to port. the ban is in response to an accident last month during which a cargo ship sideswiped the bay bridge in foggy conditions. >>> vallejo police say a high- speed chase this morning ended with the suspect's car crashing into a light pole. the chase began in vallejo and ended in martinez at franklin canyon road. investigators say the suspect hit speeds up to 110 miles an hour on eastbound highway 4. officers deployed spike strips to stop the car. they say the driver tried to flee. but officers were able to quickly apprehend him. police say a female passenger suffered minor injuries. no word if she was taken into custody. >>> san francisco police say a suspected car thief is behind bars this noontime, after leading officers on a wild chase during which gunfire erupted. police say last night's chase ended when the suspect caused a
:00, hurting or not, u.s. postal service, now we are learning about lavished plans that will be held here in the bay area and it is expected to draw hundreds of employees. thanks for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, we are always here on and mobile we'll see you the next time news breaks.
twitters followers. they will be tweeting until 5:00. >>> a u.s. security firm is pointing a finger at china, saying china's military is responsible for massive cyber attacks. virginia issued a report saying it traced the attack to nondescript buildings outside of shanghai and over the years, the operation has stolen ter you are bites of information from -- terra bites of information. china is denying the allegations saying chinese law forbids activities that harm internet security. >>> a bail hearing is expected to resume tomorrow for south african track star, oscar pistorius. he appeared in court. prosecutors upgraded the charge against him to premeditated murder. they say that oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend, reeva steevkamp, after she shocked herself in a bathroom following a heated argument. but in a statement, he says he shot steevkamp by mistake, believing he was an intruder. he said he broke down the door and tried to revive her but she died in his arms. prosecutors say the story does not add up. the story came on the day that family and friends said goodbye to reeva ste
star making waves on the west coast. >>> u.s. stocks are down after minutes from the federal reserve suggest the central bank may have to slow or stop buying assets before seeing a pick up in hiring. the dow now down 98. the nasdaq down 41. and s&p is down as well. >>> two of the nation's big office supply stores, office depot and office max, have made it official. they announced this morning they are merging. it's an all-stock deal worth about $1.2 billion. analysts say the companies hope the move will help them compete against staples and other big box chains. >>> nba stars may have a little competition. take a look at the skills of this sea otter. 16-year-old eddie has become an expert at slam dunking. he's so good, zookeepers say he rarely misses. there's an important health reason. he suffers from arthritis. this way -- [no audio]
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4